New book on the history of Estonian Liberation War 1918 - 1920

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New book on the history of Estonian Liberation War 1918 - 1920

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The publishing house "Possev" (Moscow) published a book "The fighting in the Baltics. 1919" - translation from German second and third of the nine volumes of the rare German edition of 1936, analyzing the action of the German army after the Compiegne armistice November 11, 1918. The text is supplemented translator notes and his own foreword, which focuses on the nature and circumstances of the creation of this work.

The First World War on the territory of the former Russian Empire did not end either in March or in November 1918. In the complex interweaving of a number of conflicts that lasted until 1922, was attended by more than two dozen countries. One of the most difficult was the situation in the Baltic States, where up until 1920, and continued the war for independence immediately by two former empires and fight the Bolsheviks and their opponents, and more underhanded opposition of losers and winners in the Great War. All attempts to explore the struggle for supremacy in the Baltic region within the framework of just one of these conflicts can only give limited results. A large part of the events connected with the White struggle in northwest Russia, the wars of independence in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the wars between Poland and its neighbors, as well as the consequences of attempts to arrange a world revolution through Germany, until now remained unknown not only to the simple reader but also professionals.

The publication includes material on the history of fighting in the Baltics in 1919. Translation is equipped with detailed commentary and is designed for professional historians, political scientists and students, as well as all interested in the history of World Civil War in Russia.

The book continues the publication in Russian of German sources on the history of the Civil War, on the outskirts of the Russian Empire, developed the book "Description of the post-war fighting German troops and Freikorps. The withdrawal from the East "("Possev", 2014)/

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